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Certification & Quality Assurance


BRC certificate

AMEC Foodpack is a AA BRC certified company



AMEC Foodpack is committed to meeting its obligation to produce safe and legally compliant products, at a mutually agreed specified quality.

The above is accomplished through the adoption and implementation of a broad-based Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, containing quality and safety policies and procedures that meet legal requirements and industry best practices. This system reflects the competence of the company to its customers.

AMEC Foodpack senior management recognises that strong product safety and quality systems require commitment. This is demonstrated through the provision and investment of adequate resources (including financial), appointment of dedicated staff responsible for managing the food safety and quality management system, effective communication, and continuous improvement.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff being individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continual improvement culture and working environment for all. All employees are provided with the safety and hygiene training necessary to enable them to perform their tasks and are responsible for ensuring that they do so in a safe hygienic manner. All employees are required to co-operate with any authorised person to ensure that statutory and regulatory obligations are fully complied with.

AMEC Foodpack ensures that product safety and quality is achieved, maintained and improved; setting clear objectives pertaining to customer complaints, training, waste reduction and quality improvement.